Go Encounter Romania 2012 summary


We want to thank all of you for your love, prayers, and financial support. May the Good LORD richly repay with kindness and generosity.

The life-changing experience of the Go Encounter Romania 2012 team of Grace College and Theological Seminary started at Chicago’s O’Hare airport on May 20, 2012. We prayed for each other and for the children to which we were going to minister. However, none of us would have anticipated what God will do in our lives.

Our main ministry was at the Casa Dorca in Prilipet.

We had Bible Studies with the children in the afternoon after which we would do crafts and play games. Here, Janae is helping Sami create a book mark.

One day we took the kids on a two-hour cruise on the Danube. Here Casey is pictured with a few of the kids from Casa Dorca.

Play time in the courtyard: Esther and Natalie with Debora and Bebe.

Jake with Bebe and Cipi (a university student who grew up at Casa Dorca who served as an interpreter for us) with Beni.

We visited numerous village churches. Here we are at Moceris with brother Danila, the administrator of Casa Dorca.

Katie with Alexandra, Denisa, si Vanesa.

I was grateful to have my friend and colleague Dr. Michael Harstine, professor of business, as a co-leader.

Sydney with Beni. Here are Sydney’s thoughts about the trip. “Going to Romania was such a blessing! It was awesome to see the Lord working through our team interacting with the orphans and other people of the Romanian culture. As much as the children learned from us, I learned much more from them and I’m thankful for that. It was a life changing experience and I’m great full to God for the opportunity to have traveled to Romania.”

Ashley with Sami on the bus on the way to the Danube.

Among other things, Joe was our accountant and one of the only guys (besides Jack) who was able to withstand the heat in the kitchen.

Nina with Denisa.

With Beni and Bebe.

Julia with Sami and Sydney with Beni.

We did a lot of singing : ) This is at the Speranta (Hope) church in my hometown of Resita.

Joe and Jake with Beni.

Vali broke his femur and has been in bed for three months. He was ecstatic when Jack gave him his tennis racquet.

Michael served as a great student leader. He brought the Word day after day with passion and accuracy. I can’t wait to see how God will continue to use him.

The last day in Romania we visited Castelul Huniazilor which dates back to the 15th century.

We are grateful to God for a wonderful, unforgettable experience. May HIS name be praised!!!

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2 Responses to Go Encounter Romania 2012 summary

  1. Nina Ferry says:

    Going into the trip, I was going to fill a requirement for Grace and help out in an orphanage. However, the Lord had way more in store for my team and me than I ever imagined! The people that we came in connection with showed the love of God, had a servants heart, and gave us all when they have very little. It blew me away. It was awesome to see the body of Christ working on the other side of the world! They reminded me of the joy that we a believers find in Christ. I’ll be forever grateful for this experience, and I pray that I can return to Casa Dorca sometime in the future.

  2. Jake Furlong says:

    I started the trip thinking that this is just a requirement for a course. Now after what I have experienced, I now know that this was an event caused by God to help me grow in my faith. I would more than gladly give my time again to experience Romania with same itenerary and group as before. 🙂

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