One of the most fascinating places relating to the past and the future of Israel is the city of Megiddo. The city was built, leveled, and rebuilt over 20 times (25 strata) and archaeologists have uncovered many ruins that tell of the many cultures and people living there. It was here that Josiah was killed by Pharaoh Neco and it will be here that the great battle of Armageddon will take place (Har + Megiddo = Mountain of Megiddo).

This Canaanite altar dates from around 2200 B.C., thus from before the time of Abraham. It shows that sacrifices were not unique to Israel and that other nations used sacrifices in their worship even before the Mosaic law.

The gate at Megiddo. This was more than just an entryway into the city; it was a place of business where people that traveled from afar would find hospitality.

During the time of Solomon, Megiddo served as the administrative capital of the United Kingdom greatly enlarged the city and built his famous horse stables. These are archaeological remains from the northern palace.

Plan of the northern palace from the time of Solomon.

Solomon’s stables (the horse does not date from that time period : )

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