Announcing my Ezra-Nehemiah commentary

My Ezra-Nehemiah commentary published in the Mentor series by Christian Focus Publications (Scotland) is now in print and available for purchase both at tiberius.rata and I’ll mail you one.

Here are some endorsements from respected Old Testament scholars.

Tiberius Rata has provided the church with a clearly written, insightful synthesis of the often-neglected books of Ezra and Nehemiah. The author’s style is concise and readable; he stays on track and refuses to deviate from his primary goal of illuminating the meaning and significance of the biblical text. One of the most useful features of this volume is its attention to contemporary relevance. Without violating the meaning of the ancient text in its context, the author derives helpful practical insights that are consistent with its original intention.

Robert B. Chisholm, Jr.

Chair and Professor of Old Testament Studies

Dallas Theological Seminary

Tiberius Rata’s work on Ezra/Nehemiah should be warmly received by pastors and teachers. His commentary is clear and to the point, yet he discusses some problems at length, furnishing thoughtfulness and insight for solutions. His viewpoint is solidly orthodox and reverent. His high view of Scripture and of the God of Scripture is reflected throughout the work. His work demonstrates competent scholarship and conveys a pastor’s heart—the work of a pastor scholar. His outlines and comments are helpful for understanding the flow of the historical narrative and are suggestive for sermon preparation. He provides useful summaries—for example, a summaries for the chronology of the book—for understanding the book within the Old Testament canon and timeframe. His use of Ancient Near Eastern sources and documents also give historical context for the books of Ezra/Nehemiah. I recommend this work for teachers in colleges and seminaries and also for teachers and pastors in the local church.

Russell Fuller

Professor of Old Testament Interpretation

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

This commentary on Ezra-Nehemiah is superbly written, beautifully illustrated and carefully documented. Dr. Rata has provided the student of Scripture with a thoughtful commentary on Ezra and Nehemiah that is wholelistic in approach. He skillfully weaves together matters of the Hebrew text, historical backgrounds, theology and archaeological discoveries. Also not forgotten are the practical needs of the contemporary Christian.

This is a book suitable for the classroom, pastor’s office or the scholar’s study.

John J. Davis

President/Professor Emeritus

Grace College and Grace Theological Seminary

Reasoned, researched, and concise, Rata’s commentary on Ezra and Nehemiah opens a window on the historical setting for these significant books of the Old Testament. Carefully selected photographs, illustrations, and charts punctuate its pages and illuminate the text’s background, literary context, and interpretation. This volume ably addresses the interests of laymen and pastors alike as they study the biblical text of the two books.

William D. Barrick

Professor of Old Testament

The Master’s Seminary

The strength of Rata’s work is his synthesis of historical data, past research, and clear exposition of the text. His blending of careful attention to the details of Ezra-Nehemiah with pastoral sensitivity to its contemporary relevance will be of great help to those teaching and preaching an often-neglected part of the Old Testament canon.

Gary E. Yates, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Tiberius Rata combines exegetical skill, knowledge of the ancient world, and a pastor’s heart in this volume. His explanations of the text are clear, forceful, yet concise. This work will assist the church in understanding its call to godly service to Christ and will motivate its readers to re-consecrate their lives and possessions to the work of the Kingdom.

Kenneth A. Mathews

Professor of Divinity

Beeson Divinity School

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4 Responses to Announcing my Ezra-Nehemiah commentary

  1. Zach Doppelt says:

    Exciting! I will have to check it out…!

  2. Congratulations Dr. Tiberius! I am so proud of you!
    Send me a copy of your book! I will display it in our library!
    Dr. C
    VP for Academic Affairs
    American Leadership

  3. Dr. Rata’s Ezra & Nehemiah commentary is a wonderful addition to the Mentor Commentary series. Be sure to visit the Christian Focus BookNotes blog to learn more about this and other books published by Christian Focus Publications.

  4. Cristian says:

    GREAT JOB BRO! Please send me a copy! 🙂

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